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Worklogix is a management and technology services firm specializing in enterprise application development, innovative products and implementation support for enterprise resource planning solutions.

Our mission is to deliver value-add services and technology solutions that minimize risk and generate business results for our clients. We accomplish this by partnering with our clients to provide the right services at the right time, finding creative solutions to complex business problems, and providing key accelerators to facilitate solution delivery. We strive to maximize the contribution of each team member and maintain an agile organization so that we can meet the demands of our clients.

To achieve our mission, we approach every engagement with key pre-delivered templates and accelerated solutions that allow us to deliver cost-effective implementations. As part of Worklogix's Accelerated Suite™ methodology, we provide Reference Implementations to expedite your design and realization of your project.

See how Worklogix helped JetBlue Airways implement a seamless solution that integrates the SAP® Talent Management suite into a powerful solution that transformed performance and compensation processes.

Worklogix is a Leading SAP Software Partner

Worklogix, a leading provider of business software components and consulting services announces that it has become an SAP Software Partner. Worklogix delivers natively integrated software components that leverage the underlying SAP platform and combine powerful features that enable employees, managers and line of business users to quickly access and execute business processes.

Worklogix to Present and Exhibit at HR 2015 in Nice!

Worklogix is one of the key presenters and exhibitors at the HR 2015 conference in Nice, from June 16th to 18th. This event will include more than 50 speakers,60 sessions, 24 hours of educational sessions, 12 customer case studies, networking roundtables, industry Q&A forums, and one-on-one expert meetings.

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