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SmartSpell 1.5 Features

SmartSpell 1.5
SmartSpell is natively integrated into a variety of platforms including SAP Netweaver™ Portal. SmartSpell is compatible with all browsers that support Javascript 1.1.

Key Features

  • Multiple language dictionairies available
  • Intuitive interface that users are familiar with
  • Context window that allows users to see misspelled words with surrounding text
  • Highlights misspelled words making it easier to correct specific words
  • Spell checking one or more HTML form text elements
  • High performance algorithms for enhanced user experience
  • Easily adapt the look and feel to match your applications
  • Many more features

Platform Support
SmartSpell is available for most platforms and is compatible with BSP, HTML, JSP, ASP.Net, CGI, PHP. SmartSpell is also provided as a native SAP® Portal component that provides spell checking functionality across all SAP® Portal applications.

To schedule a demo of SmartSpell and learn how it can be integrated into your applications, please contact us for a demo and pricing.

SmartSpell 1.5. Spell Checking for Web Applications

Simple, intuitive spell checking functionality for your form based web applications.

Today's users demand a higher level of functionality from applications especially when they are critical to business functions. SmartSpell was designed using Web 2.0 standards to deliver seamless spell checking functionality with an intuitive and familiar user experience. Web applications like content management and performance management require users to constantly spell check information input into the application hindering productivity. Users enter text into other applications to check spelling and then paste the content back into the web application, this is both time consuming and error prone.

With SmartSpell, you can implement spell checking functionality into your web application and eliminate the need to use other applications for authoring content. Users can check spelling directly on the web form they are using.

SmartSpell has been designed from the bottom up using Web 2.0 technology and integrated directly into several platforms including SAP Portal. This native integration is key for simple implementation and seamless operation. SmartSpell has also been designed to provide an intuitive and familiar user interface allowing users to use spell checking functionality without having to relearn a new application.

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See SmartSpell in Action

SmartSpell has already been implemented in many portal applications including Performance Management applications based on BSP (Business Server Pages).

Integration is simple and has a variety of options for determining what is subject to spell checking. Users can also spell check certain form elements or the complete form. The demo on this page shows simple integration into a SAP® application.